Improve Structural Integrity, Improve Lifting Efficiency in Rogers AR

Improve Structural Integrity, Improve Lifting Efficiency in Rogers AR

Chiropractic Rogers AR Lifting

Let’s get things started by taking a look at a couple of pictures from the outside and then also from the inside:

Chiropractic Rogers AR Improve Lifting

Having a level pelvis allows for even weight distribution and level distribution of gravitational stress on the spinal structures in Rogers AR. While having a tilted pelvis will cause the weight overhead to be tilted as well. The spine and body will distribute the compressive stress of gravity unequally. Thus setting you up for possible injuries and not just in the low back but anywhere along the kinetic chain.

Now let us take a gander at these pictures and answer these questions:

  1. Which lifter is going to be more successful with their lifting?
  2. Which lifter will be able to support more weight not only in the squat position but also throughout the entire movement?
  3. Which lifter is less likely to get injured?

Bingo, the lifter on the left. A level foundation is a critical element to powerlifting just as it is with building a house. If the foundation of the house is not perfectly level then the house’s structural integrity is compromised right off the bat. Our bodies are the same way, we must have a level foundation or eventually, we will wear out sooner than we should have.

Structural Abnormality in Rogers AR

In addition to proper lifting technique, flexibility exercises, postural and exercises; In many cases that we see in our practice, the problem is Structural Abnormality. While most people will look at someone’s lifting posture on the surface, we assess what your structure looks like on the inside in addition to the outside. If they look like this image on the right, then no amount of training or therapy is going to help protect this man’s lifting ability until structural integrity has been restored to the pelvis and spine.

In our careers we’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with dozens of athletes from many sports; Crossfit athletes, bodybuilders, marathoners, ATP tennis players, many division 1 football players, high school ballplayers, and even pee wee kids. We understand what these athletes go through and as a result of simply the vast amount of training and work that they put their bodies through, these structural abnormalities are virtually inevitable. The worst part is that many times, these structural abnormalities occur without pain or secondary conditions, which again leaves you vulnerable to injury at any time.

Chiropractic care takes care of these issues while restoring your structural, functional, and neurological integrity. Chiropractic is founded on the philosophy that the power that made the body heals the body. The major requirement for this to hold true is having an optimally functioning nervous system; as your nervous system runs your entire body by controlling every cell, tissue, organ, and system. If there are structural abnormalities then there is always nerve signaling impairment that hinders your overall health. Think of it this way, if you turn on a water hose and you step on the hose, what happens to the water output at the end of the hose? The same holds true for your body, if you have a structural abnormality then the nerves that exit the spine at the level of the abnormality will have a decreased neural output. Not good. To top this off the reason most of us do not realize this is happening is that the most common symptom is pain and pain is a particularly poor indicator of overall health as only about 18% of your nervous system is made up of pain fibers.

If you’re serious about achieving new strength/fitness/health goals, and if you’re serious about the long-term sustainability of your body, a chiropractic assessment is critical to your growth. We hope this was helpful!

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