Chiropractic Testimonials

"New Hope Functional Chiropractic is top notch. Dr. Tyson Austin and Dr. Meghann Austin (Sherman) truly care about all of their patients. The appointments don't take long at all and the doctors are very flexible in scheduling - usually getting people in for same day appointments. The consultations are very transparent. I went in thinking I may have torn something in my shoulder. After talking about the pain areas, Dr. Austin immediately recommended that I get x-rays. He told me it was probably an alignment issue and just wanted to confirm. Sure enough - my neck was out of alignment and that was causing the strain in my shoulder. He provided me options for next steps and left it up to me to decide what I wanted to do.

More importantly, I completely trust both Meghann and Tyson. While most doctors push certain products or medications because they get some sort of kick back from the manufacturer, Tyson and Meghann only recommend what they truly believe will benefit their patients. I had never been to a chiropractor prior to visiting New hope Functional Chiropractic because I thought chiropractors were a joke. Well i'm happy to say I'm a believer now! And I can't imagine getting the service I do at New Hope anywhere else."

- Toni G.

"New Hope Chiropractic is an unbelievable experience. Not only do they have knowledgeable staff that explain everything thoroughly, but they're constantly bettering their services by advancing with technology and science. Not only will they help the aches and pain, but they will go the extra mile to correct what has damaged your body (whether it's postural, bad habits, or even DIET.) They think long term and correct your body to function the way it was meant to be. I noticed significant results and highly recommend them."

- Shayan D.

"Drs Meghann and Tyson are awesome! Not only are they great at adjustments but have helped me understand how diet and nutrition can reduce pain too!"

- Serena S.

"I have served 9 years in the Army and have been on three deployments. During one of my deployments I hurt my back pretty bad. My back goes out twice a year and my doctors just give me pain meds and muscle relaxers. Now I have been going to see Dr. Ty for a few month and feeling better then what any other doctor has done for me. He explains everything to me I never leave there without knowing what is going on. Dr. Ty has not just worked on me but my wife and kids too."

- James L.

"I had a very friendly and professional experience at New Hope Chiropractic. I have been to see Dr. Austin numerous times and will be back many more!"

- Brooke M.

"Dr. Tyson has introduced me to a whole new world. I have phase 1 to 2 degeneration and I have been getting treatments for two weeks now. I previously have had constant tension in my trapezius muscle for a few years straight. Just after two weeks of treatments my tension has gone down significantly and at times, completely. I have been taking all of the supplements in the amounts he suggests very consistently. I am looking forward to my spine being healed completely and staying in optimal health!"

- Ty F.

"First of all the office space is very nice an clean; a must in my books! The doctors are very welcoming an are definitely interested in your overall health. After an adjustment I always feel great! Also, thanks to both doctors I have figured out some stomach issues (went grain free) an I feel 100% better!!! Highly recommend New Hope Functional Chiropractic."

- Aubrey M.

"Dr. Tyson is my go to when I feel something is not right. I can count on them working around my schedule getting me in and taken care of.

Location is great just off I-540 in Village on the Creeks. It is close to my office so I can get in to see him and on with my day.

They are great with my 1 year old as well. We didn't know the benefits of having Kids checked out and taken care of untill we read some of the information Dr. Tyson has at his office.

New Hope Functional Chiropractic is the only place my family goes to."

- Bobby D.

"I highly recommend New Hope Chiropractic. Dr. Austin was great at not only making me feel better, but explaining things clearly so that I understood exactly what was wrong and how he was going to fix it. And the best part was, he actually cared that it got fixed right.

The other two pluses are the location and how flexible they are. Again...highly recommended."

- Clint N.

"New Hope Functional Chiropractic has a great office. It is always very neat and clean. It is also very accessible to those that live or work in the Bentonville/Rogers/Lowell areas. Walk-ins or short notice appointments are nice. The doctors truly care about my health and well being. They have really helped to ease some lingering pain in my lower back and tightness in my neck. I am very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend their treatment."

- Nick Q.

" Dr. Tyson Austin really cares about his patients well being. He takes the time to understand my health concerns, and provides chiropractic treatment to address those concerns as well as suggesting proven supplements and lifestyle changes.

Due to a motorcycle accident 30 years ago, I have had neck related pain and issues most of my life. Tyson has been able to provide relief for the pain, and has clearly explained what my neck should look like and what we can do to correct most of the prior damage. I highly recommend New Hope Functional Chiropractic."

- Dennis C.

"Thank you Tyson/New Hope! Today was the first day I felt like I might get my full site back! It was a wonderful day! See you tomorrow!"

- Amy H.

"Love New Hope! I spilled the beans about all my poor nutrition and exercise habits and these two are helping me reach some major goals in 2012. :)"

- Jeannie S.

"What a wonderful place with a great staff! Megan and Tyson are fantastic!"

- Missy E.

"I started going to Dr. Ty and Dr. Meghan about a month ago, They were so informative and helpful about a healthier lifestyle not just getting a quick adjustment. Dr. Ty went over my plan with me very thoroughly and gave me exercises that I could do at home to strengthen my core (which in turn will strengthen everything). The office is very clean and welcoming. I would definitely recommend them any chance I can."

- Nicole L.

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