Top Things To Do In Rogers AR To Have Fun In 2018

Head to Rogers AR where trendy restaurants and new shops live alongside beautiful, natural scenery, historic sites, and well-worn trails. Rogers AR may be one of the rapidly growing areas in the country, but the soul and heart of small-town US are well and alive here. Once you set foot here, you will discover museums, such as the Crystal Bridges Museum, charming restaurants and shops, and live music — all just a short distance from fishing, camping, hiking, water sports, boating, and magnificent views of neighboring Beaver Lake that is nestled in the high Ozark Mountains. Here are some of the top things to do if you were to visit Rogers AR for a weekend.

Visit Rogers AR Historical Museum

When you visit this museum, you are going to experience an interesting mix of today’s technological interpretation (tiny flat screens with photos and text), professionally mounted and printed exhibits, and old-school newspapers pasted on poster board displays. Its lobby has additional buildings as well as a rendering of changes to come, and as Rogers AR downtown continues to rejuvenate, the museum is also likely to do the same. Admission is free, and it is worth paying a visit. It houses numerous artifacts that will help you understand the journey of Rogers AR from a village to a modern, vibrant community.

Head Over to Lake Atalanta

Lake Atalanta is quickly becoming a top destination for tourists because of its fast, scenic single track and very awe-inspiring landscape. It is a public park situated on Walnut Street, west of Downtown Rogers AR. The park was opened for the public in 2016 after undergoing a comprehensive renovation. It now has about five miles of superb surface trails and more than ten miles of multi-purpose surface trails. The lake has five pavilions, three bathroom facilities, and two different playground areas. There are several picnic tables located on the lake and six fishing piers. The park is open from 6 AM to 9 PM and is under the maintenance of the Parks and Recreation Department. Hit spur trails filled with gravity cavities, short steep climbs, and swooping bridges, or just loop around the lake for an exciting time.

Catch A Movie at Malco Rogers Towne Cinema

Malco Rogers looks as grand as any cinema you have seen in other cities but comes with some impressive features. The cinema’s ticket windows are in a half-covered area, which is much more comfortable given in the event of severe weather. The inside is great and there is no smell (of dirty shoes or any other thing but popcorn), seats and aisles are comfortable, free of debris, and clean. The sound and screen are both perfect. Sure like many other theaters in the country, the price of watching movies in Malco Rogers is also better. The employees are polite and will serve you most satisfyingly. You will not find anything amiss in this movie theater. Those who come to watch movies here usually have an enjoyable experience and regularly return any time whenever something new is showing.